Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Please Don’t Be A Player Hater

            As some might imagine, I don’t always have introspective existential thoughts during every moment of the day. Sometimes I just do stuff and don’t think about what is going on, I get lost in the work/moment/event/insertawesomethingIdohere. And since the last post I did, I haven’t come up with any brilliant ideas about what is the next thing I want to talk about regarding adoption. So instead of trying to force something out I’m just going to let you know what other things I am thinking/doing instead.

            I’ve been looking for work. Something stable and I have gotten a lead or two this week that look a little more promising than ones previously found. Two weeks? ago I gifted a skateboard to The J-Family's oldest boy and have since had skateboarding on my mind pretty much all the time that music isn’t (which is a lot). So two days ago while watching some skate videos online, I decided that I want to be as good as I was in the summer of 2008, if not better. In order to help myself achieve this goal I made a list of tricks that I want to learn or re-learn this year. So here is the list of 31 tricks for me to learn by the time winter gets here.

31 Tricks:

1. Crooked to fakie
2. Nollie backside lipslide
3. Backside 360
4. The Flamingo ***
5. 50-50 backside 180 out
6. Impossible
7. 360 pop shuvit ***
8. Heelflip ***
9. Nollie kickflip
10. Nollie heelflip
11. Tailgrab ***
12. Pop shuvit lateflip *
13. Nosegrind **
14. 5-0 **
15. 50-50 **
16. Kickflip 50-50 (frontside and backside)
17. Kickflip frontside boardslide
18. Nollie backside bigspin
19. Backside bigspin
20. Frontside air ***
21 Backside air ***
22. Frontside air to fakie
23. Backside air to fakie
24. Shifty ***
25. Backside shifty
26. Boneless
27. No comply impossible
28. Frontside feeble (& backside smith)
29. Bennihana
30. Backside & frontside nosegrind ***
31. Nollie frontside boardslide

* denotes tricks to be learned if I feel I can do them without hurting myself too much.
** denotes tricks to be learned on round (not square) rails.
*** denotes tricks to be re-learned

            The other thing that has happened over the last two or so weeks, is the crazy urge to learn more music on the guitar, but more specifically by one band. The band is called mewithoutYou; and yes that is the correct spelling of their name. The songs I’m currently working on are The Dryness & The Rain, I’m about a third through learning it. Next is C-Minor, this one I’m having a lot of trouble with per I am unable to find tablature for it online anywhere and I’m trying to figure it out by ear. Go listen to it and you will understand more clearly why that is difficult. The last song by them that I’m trying to figure out is The Soviet, which is hard to play on just the guitar. It’s the type of song that needs to be played with all the instruments or it just sounds boring. So I’m basically trying to re-write it using all the string instrument parts to be played on only one.

Links to the songs mentioned above:

The Dryness & The Rain


The Soviet

            So for today’s song, seeing as I don’t really have any form of a thought process going on I am just going to share with you a band that I recently stumbled on and instantly fell in love with. I am sure you will enjoy it. Until next time.


  1. Great news. Continue to do the things that you love!

  2. Since posting this I have re-mastered numbers 8,20,24, and 30. Not bad work for it having been less than a week!

  3. Lol. I am SO not cool enough to know what any of the 34 things skateboard-related things are! But I'm glad to hear you're doing things you love and seem to be enjoying life. :) When you get the songs re-mastered (because you totally can have it mastered), you should YouTube video it and post on your blog! We all know you're wonderful already, but it would be fun to see!