Thursday, March 31, 2011


His Blood Will Boil And The Kids Will Sing, Learn To Drown Before You Learn To Swim

            Installment number three of the lyrical poems. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to comment/post/whatever with this.

It’s all just as well, everything’s just the same.
The sun will still set, there’s no one to blame.
So I’ll look to the skies.
And try to win that great prize.
But I have no hope to do so without the ladder to reach.

I stand gazing over my forest as my interest starts to wane.
If I were to sell the trees for money how much wealth would I gain?
I could then possess the thing I think will bring happiness and fame.
But will the beauty compare? Could it ever feel the same?

So what now?
Should I run with the wolves?
Or should I tear down their home?
Is it better to fight and then lose?
Or better to lose fighting?

Will it be easier to live with everything?
Or to live with myself without them?

            There you go. Enjoy (I hope) And now for the music. A great song. I know I use these guys a lot. But they are my favorite band, and they are really good with words and capturing emotion. I hope you like the song.

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